How Big Is YOUR Speaker Wire?

August 15, 2017


Speaker wire/cables tend to be an upgrade not spoken about often enough. Unless you know to upgrade them, you wouldn't really think to do it. At least, I didn't. Not at first, anyway. 


Notice the small pair of speaker wires I'm holding? Those are the ones that came with the speakers. These were not cheap speakers by any means and are pretty powerful, and yet...the manufacturer thought that these teeny weenie speaker wires would be all that I would need. Man, they couldn't be more wrong. 


I decided to upgrade from puny gauge to 10-gauge speaker cables made by Belden and sold via BlueJeansCable, which are the ones coming out of the speaker in the picture. Now, I don't have another brand of 10-gauge speaker cable to compare but all I can say is that this upgrade was pretty massive. I instantly heard more clarity and stuff was sounding punchier and beefier than before. If you have those tiny speaker wires, I suggest throwing them in the trash and getting a much needed upgrade. Of course, if you live in a place with thin walls and have to keep the noise levels at a minimum, then perhaps the upgrade might not make your neighbors/roommates too happy. 

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